First Ice Storm in OKC 2017 on it’s way, Possibly…

Well, my friends, I hope you’re doing well. Us here in Oklahoma may be having quite the doozy of an ice storm. The news channels are calling for two days of icy chaos. I will be out in front of it just in case there is some severe that pops up in front of the “front.” This time last year we were seeing about an inch of ice on tree limbs and power lines. That does two things.. Causes “power outages” and “no school days” This is a bad thing for the kiddos and the parents.. Trust me! The last storm we had was so bad that 450000 people in the OKC metro were out of power for a few days. People not prepared for this kind of problem will soon be aware of what an ice storm can do. No power, No way to charge those cell phones and definitely no way to update a status.

We will see If Oklahoma city has any damage after this thing passes. Hopefully, it’s just a light snow. But, We have seen some pretty serious storms in the past.

signing out.

Team Kerwood

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