We have a new sponsor and they have a great story on storms.

Welcome back, guys. I have some great news on a new sponsor we have joining us. We have a lot of equipment that we purchase for our chase vehicle. It can get overwhelming at times. But, with the help of our new sponsor James, the Owner of Paintless Dent Repair OKC is helping us out with the new computers and software that we are in need of so that we can track the storms a little more safely from a distance. We can’t count how many times we’ve had a close encounter with a twister due to the lag in our software’s analysis of data that it struggles to comprehend and produce in a timely and safe manner. We will be ahead of the storm now and a little safer thanks to our new software and equipment.  The weather has been quite active this month and it is only January. There has been many casualties in the south as tornados made their way through Mississippi and Louisiana. Just today hail had fallen in central Florida. unheard of for January. However we are coming into a la Nino weather pattern and Spring 2017 will be sure to make the history books. If you or anyone you know would like to help sponsor us. Please feel free to contact us here

Thank you and we look forward to starting new relationships and helping keep people safe during storm season.

Adios, KW

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